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100% guaranteed delivery and reshipment policy for all shipments

Benefits of buying chemicals from us
Our experience and reputation are the most important thing, but there are still a few very important advantages:
Own warehouses in China, USA, EU

USA and Europe domestic shipping to assure a 100% safe delivery and protect your privacy from custom.

Reshipment if delivery failed

We guarantee each delivery and will provide reship if your tracked order doesn't arrive.

Successful Customs Clearance

We make packaging discreetly to go through customs check and know how to successfully pass the customs procedures.


We can provide a test sample for quality control.

Our products
Contact us if you can’t find what you need. For some reasons, several products have not been listed on the website.
Choose color. Choose type product.

9 reasons why you should do business with us

We spend every effort to make the best service for our customers.
We can provide NMR, HPLC, LC-MS, GC analysis and other data
All product batches are tested before sales to ensure the highest purity and accuracy. To ensure quality, the NMR/HPLC/MS analysis data are available for our customers.
We provide photo of your packaged products
You can ask to take a photo of your order and packaging before shipping.
Guaranteed successful delivery to any destination
We guarantee your package will pass customs and it will be delivered to hands safely, or we will reship your order free of charge.
Over 8 years' experience and impeccable reputation in this area
Our extensive background in this area enables us to fulfill our responsibilities at the highest level.
Anonymity and confidentiality at all steps of buying
Customers, who buy research chemicals need anonymity, safety and privacy. You can trust us because we guarantee full protection of your privacy and anonymity.
Individual logistical schemes and delivery methods
Different delivery ways will be used for different destinations. Due to our experience, we know which method is best fitted for delivery to your destination.
Tried and discreet packaging methods
We use many kinds of discreet packaging depending on the destination and we cooperate with the industry most experienced and professional shipping agent in the export of chemicals.
You can buy at the best prices using our unique group buy system
This is a process which helps you, as a community, to use your collective buying power to purchase products at the lowest price possible.
Benefits of long-term cooperation
We are open for cooperation. Individual approach to cooperation allows us to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with each of the partners.
Leave a comment and get a discount on the next order up to 10%
Leave feedback about the quality of products and our service by filling as many fields in the form as possible and get a special code for a discount of up to 10% for the next order. Discount does not apply to samples. Code validity is unlimited.
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Really great making my first order from apollosci. I got the best quality isotonitazene for the first time. I will definitely be coming back.
NEP (N-Ethyl-Pentedrone)
shipping cost is already included in price
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NEP (N-Ethyl-Pentedrone)
What is the shipping cost on 1000g.
Vince Rodriguez
thank u for trusting us
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Great buying experience, thank you Apollosci, looking forward to my next order :)
How to make group buy?
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Can you send me an email when more 4f mdmb bica is stocked or do you have another good synth noids?
Do you have 3F-A-PVP back in stock
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2021 Chinese New Year Festival is coming soon

Dear Friends,
We want to inform all customers that the New Year holiday falls on Feb 1st and ends up at Feb 22nd, if you want to order, please confirm with us in nearest date and please arrange orders in time if there is any demands, so that we can arrange shipping in time before Spring Festival holidays. All the new orders placed during t...


You can order a sample right now!

To test our quality and obtain mutual trust, we suggest 4 our best cannabinoids or stimulants for only USD190, this will set the first step for cooperation.
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Ship to you directly from USA

Besides international shipping from China with US dropship, we offer domestic delivery over the United States by UPS and USPS. You can buy from 1kg directly from a local warehouse in your country!
USD 1700/KG
Light Yellow Powder
USD 1600/KG
Light Yellow Powder
USD 1500/KG
Light Yellow Powder
USD 1400/KG
Light Yellow Powder
USD 1100/KG
Light Brown Large Crystals
USD 1000/KG
Light Brown Large Crystals
USD 900/KG
Light Brown Large Crystals
USD 800/KG
Light Brown Large Crystals
Below you will find comprehensive information and answers to your questions. If you don't find the answer to your question, please contact us and we will answer your questions.
  • Why should I trust you?
    We are a China-registered company. You can check our company certificates at the About Us page of our website. We are a legit and reliable supplier. Our website has been working since the end of 2016, but the team behind it has been in the business for more than 10 years in this area.
  • Where do you ship from?
    As a rule, the packages are shipped from China or Hong Kong depending on the destination country and on what products and quantity are ordered. Also, we have partner-distribution warehouse complexes in Russia, USA and Europe and we can supply wholesale batches of some products directly from these warehouses.
  • What are your products used for?
    Our products may only be used as laboratory reagents, for laboratory research and development purposes, and as GC/MS reference samples. In no case they can be used for human or animal consumption or for any form of in vivo research or experimentation, clinical trials, or any unlawful purpose.
  • Can I have a free sample of a chemical to check the quality?
    We're sorry but we do not offer free samples. We should pay courier charges. In addition, we should pay to our logistic agent. So please understand our situation. However, we offer special discounts and free samples to our customers if they write a review about us at specialized forums or on our website. You can also buy samples, at very reasonablе prices.
  • Is your product legal in my country?
    All listed chemicals are completely legal in the Chinese mainland. Please be sure to double-check current laws in your country or seek official legal advice before importing. Please understand that it is impossible for us to keep track of the current laws in all jurisdictions we might ship to.
  • Has my order already been shipped?

    All orders in your account are updated at all stages of the order process. We have a six-stage process as listed below:

    1. Confirm Payment - Your order requires payment confirmation.

    2. Pending Payment - Your order has been paid and is now awaiting to be processed.

    3. Payment Received - Your funds have been received.

    4. Awaiting Shipment - Your order has been packed and is waiting to be dispatched.

    5. Shipped - Your order has been shipped.

    6. Delivered - Your order has arrived.

  • I am a regular customer. Can I have a discount?

    All our regular customers can obtain a personal discount. Every time you return to Apollosci as a customer, you will receive special discounts that are linked directly to your personal cart. As soon as you make a purchase or purchases that reach the minimum specified dollar amount to start the loyalty program, the system will automatically calculate a discount on your order at checkout. As the amount of your total purchases increase, the amount you will receive in discounts will also increase.

    Loyalty program in detail:

    Level          Total orders amount     Loyalty discount

    Level 1          USD 10000           1%

    Level 2          USD 20000           2%

    Level 3          USD 30000           3%

    Level 4          USD 40000           4%

    Level 5          USD 50000           5%

    Level 6          USD 60000           6%

    Level 7          USD 70000           7%

    Level 8          USD 80000           8%

    Level 9          USD 90000           9%

    Level 10         USD 100000          10%

    * Loyalty program terms

    The loyalty program discounts cannot be added to other discounts, offers, and promotions. All other deals that are created outside the standard prices and amounts are not eligible for our loyalty program.

  • Do you have the products that are not listed on your website?
    We can source most products in any quantity. If you are interested in a particular product, you can contact us for more information. We will only source products not listed on our website if the order volume is 1 kg or over.
  • I made a mistake when ordering, can I cancel my order?
    If you made a mistake when ordering, just send us a message in the order details and we’ll cancel it for you. Then just go ahead and submit a new order. The address can be changed only if the order is not dispatched (it is still in our facility).
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    Currently, we accept T/T, Western Union or MoneyGram, Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. If you want to send us payment by T/T, you can wire the payment into our bank account. If you want to make payment via Western Union or MoneyGram, we will give you a beneficiary name and you just need to send the payment to this name. If you want to make the payment using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, we will give you our cryptocurrency address. Bitcoin payment is preferred since it is discreet, secure and fast. You can make payment directly through our secure site.
  • How long do bank wire payments take?
    International bank wire payments usually take 1-3 working days.
  • Do you accept PayPal?
    Currently, we do not accept Paypal. The reason is Paypal China is very different from Paypal in any other country. Paypal set many tough rules only to Chinese users such as Chinese users are not allowed to withdraw over half of the payment in the account otherwise the account will be frozen and each time no matter how much money a Chinese user intends to withdraw from the account, Paypal will charge $35 as a withdrawal fee while Paypal doesn't charge any money from any user in any other country. Due to these tough rules, we decided not to use Paypal at present. Besides, PayPal does not permit the processing of payments for the chemicals we sell, therefore, everytime our PayPal account will be at risk of being blocked.
  • I don’t have any bitcoins. How do I pay with Bitcoins?

    In order to use Blockchain, you must first convert your own local currency into bitcoin equivalent. There are numerous websites that offer simple converting methods in Blockchain, and we advise you to take some time for your own research to find the best currency converter and the most attractive exchange rates. Please read our how-to guide for a complete introduction and walkthrough for using bitcoin as a payment method. Once you start using it we guarantee you will have no regrets and will never look back. Welcome to the 21st century’s game-changing currency of the future.

    Getting bitcoins is not difficult anymore!

     1. Buy from local traders:

     2. ATM: (for US customers)

     3. Buy from an exchange with Credit Card:

     4. Finding other means of exchange in your area:

  • How will my order be packaged?
    We have many years of experience in this business area, and we have the best shipping forwarders. Depending different order quantity, сountry of destination and the desire of the buyer, we make different packing. All orders are package very discreetly in a vacuum bag and wrapped into an oily plastic, no smell, no x-ray penetration. And then package with the final parceling material. With this it can not be dictated even with the ION scanner. We do not place any information, that would compromise the contents that the packages contain: no mention of products names or the website name on the out side of the packages.

    *We can also offer some unique ways to conceal the contents of the order (contact us for details).

  • What shipping method do you use?
    Usually, we uses worldwide express for delivering products such as DHL, UPS, FedEx and EMS. We use different express depending on different countries. Also we have special delivery methods to the EU and CIS countries. For bulk orders over 20kg we will arrange the special delivery way.
  • How fast do you ship orders?

    We endeavor to dispatch packages as quickly as possible and customers can expect orders to be dispatched within 2-3 business days after receipt of payment. For same chems we do not have stock in cargo, it will take 2 days from factory to cargo, we will update you with it later (usually within the next 48 hours). We dispatch orders in bulk at least 3 times a week.

    *Our shipping department is not operational during weekends and general holidays.

  • How do I know if my order has been processed after I send the payment?
    When we receive payments from our clients, we will notify them via emails to let them know that we get their payments. Also our customers can check the order status in the order history of their account.
  • How do I know was my package shipped or not?
    After we ship your package, we will let you know the tracking number and you can track the status of package by the number on the Track My Order page of your account or at main page of our website.
  • Do I get a tracking number with my order?

    Once your parcel is on its way, we will change the status of your order and provide you with shipment tracking number. So you can follow of your parcel in your account. Only if you do not select a delivery method which has no tracking option.

    *Tracking usually takes around 1-2 working days before it activates, please be patient.

  • I have had an email saying my order is being shipped in several packages, why has my order been split?
    Some orders can be split and shipped alternately according to destination country and according on what products and quantity are ordered. Usually we split orders more than 3kg, then send packages out one by one. Orders split will not cost you anything extra.
  • What can I do if my package gets seized by customs?

    If the customs seize your package (what happens in barely less than 5% of all cases), please follow these rules:

    No need to worry, the recipient is not responsible for the contents!

    You will receive a letter explaining that a delivery has been seized possibly due to illegal or forbidden substances in the package(depends on local laws).You will be asked for explanation.

    You only need to claim that the delivery is not yours and was sent to you certainly by accident.

    Please contact our customer online support, we will ask for new address if possible and reship the order.

  • What if my package can't clear the custom? Will you guys be responsible for the lost?
    Custom issues are not something we can expect and control. If you ask us to be responsible for the custom lost, it is unfair for us. However, we care our clients and do not want to see them lose money. So we are provides a special making-up policy for those clients who lost their packages in customs. The policy can help them get back the lost. The detail of the policy is we will make up our clients part of the products they lost in customs in every future order they place after custom issues until they get back all the lost. For example, if you order 100g of any product in the first time and it lost in the custom. In your second order, if you purchase another 100g of this product, we will send you 150g of this product. 50g as a compensation. And when you purchase 100g of this product for the third time, we will still send you 150g so that you can get back all the lost in the first order.
  • How long do packages usually take to arrive?
    Average shipping time is 5 - 15 business days worldwide, but please bear in mind that these guidelines are not exact. It can take up to 29 days for some orders to arrive. During some busier periods of the year (such as Christmas), problems can occur within the mail service, and these can lead to delivery times varying significantly. Please, after 21 days if you have not received your order, contact us with your order number.
  • Where is my package?
    It's either on the way or about to be on the way. Sometimes packages can remain in transit for an extended amount of time, please be patient before contacting support about your package. You can check your tracking number to see further details on the location of your order. Once it is in the hands of the postal service it is out of our control, if your package is taking unusually long contact customer support and we will look into it. (By unusually long we mean over 25 days since it was shipped)
  • Do I have to sign for my package?
    We can arrange delivery no need to sign, however, you should plan on signing just in case.
  • Do you ship to PO boxes parcel lockers?
    Yes, we could ship to PO box.
Discreet and safe worldwide delivery
Parcel can be sent out within 48 hours after payment, and tracking number is available. We provide various transportation methods of your choice, which are all secure and discreet.
International express delivery by air courier services

We ship by EMS, TNT, DHL, FedEx and others according to your request. Delivery time is from 5–17 days.

Sea Shipping for bulk orders

(from 20kg)

Delivery from any port in China to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, Sweden. Sea transportation is reliable and safe!

Domestic delivery from our agent in Europe

At first we will ship your order to our agent in Europe, and then order will be sent to you by local courier service.

According to your request

Individual delivery schemes and packaging options for different countries.

Learn more about delivery
We protect your privacy
We understand that the security of your personal information is very important

Purchasing research chemicals usually requires proper confidentiality. You can completely trust us. You needn’t worry about your personal information as we guarantee it won’t be disclosed. To protect it we use a wide array of software and technical security methods. Our website is secured by 256-bit SSL certificate that encrypts your data to ensure safe transactions. Confidential information is sent by e-mail in a secure way using our public PGP key. We accept anonymous crypto coins as payment. We also use industry-standard firewalls to protect any personal data we store. All this ensures that all transactions and purchases you send us will be protected and confidential. If any other www user intercepts the communication he/she will only be able to see it in an encrypted form. Our servers are protected by secure firewalls communication management computers specially designed to keep information secure and inaccessible by other Internet users.
So you're absolutely safe while you shop here.

Contact us
We shall respond by email within one working day. For messengers meeting please make a request via email. The preferable way of communication is email. We provide our payment details only by email.
Phone: +8617160654706
Extra email: [email protected]сс
QQ: 1781132822
Wickr: apollosci
Fax: 86-25-85311160