Group Buying

Save up your money with our unique group buy system

What is a GroupBuy?

A GroupBuy is our unique offer on the Research Chemicals market. This is a process which helps you, as a community, to use your collective buying power to purchase products at the lowest price possible.

Group of people joins together to buy a large batch of some product at a better price. It is done in order to buy the product at a wholesale price. When the deal is successfully done every participant gets its part of the total weight in a separate parcel.

The group buy is mainly aimed at purchasing the necessary amount of the product at the lowest price per gram. This is possible when buying a product in bulk quantities. But not every buyer can purchase a large quantity of a single product. Therefore, we offer such a group of like-minded people to cooperate for joint purchases. As a rule, the larger the deal and the more people are involved, the lower per gram price is.

Such deals are usually complicated since they require close cooperation, personal connections between group members, planning and so on. This also involves the risk of fraud, since the relatively large sum of money and then the product has to be in hands of one person, one individual. It is always a problem to find enough people willing to buy the same product.

We offer our customers to take part in a GroupBuy to remove these problems on the way to the goal without any risks. You don't even need to know the people with whom you make a joint purchase. It's profitable and safely, also many GroupBuys are done for products that are absolutely not available for small orders. As a result, you get prices as if you were buying kilos of the product.

A GroupBuy is considered as a single sale, for example, if a wholesale customer came and bought a bulk quantity of product. The difference is that we ship this quantity to multiple people in multiple parcels. For example, you want to take part in a GroupBuy for 100 grams of product, the price per kilogram of which is $1,000, and for the successful completion of it, you need 10 people. This means that 1 gram of the product for this GroupBuy will cost you only $1 as if you buy a whole kilogram. That means you and each participant will receive 100 grams of the product for $100 (excluding shipping costs). But if you would buy these 100 grams not through GroupBuy, the cost would have been standard, as stated in the product card for this quantity. You can see progress and list of active GroupBuys below on the page with the timer going and with the current number of participants who joined the deal, as well as the price of the product with and without GroupBuy discount. If progress bar reaches its end, GroupBuy is considered successfully completed and the order is sent to each participant in a separate parcel.

*Please consider that the shipping cost will be charged additionally.

How to become a member?
Follow these simple steps to take part in GroupBuy
Join GroupBuy
Make a prepayment of 5% by Bitcoin
Wait for successfull completion of GroupBuy
Pay for your GroupBuy order
Shipped! Your Package is On the Way