Terms and Conditions

Products available on the website Apollosci.com are intended for scientific and educational purposes. Toxicological, chemical, and physical ability are not fully identified, so our company does not recommend the purchase for consumption and other purposes. Meanwhile, any buyer (hereinafter the customer) without restriction assumes responsibility for any purchases made in our company (including future), for bodily injury, lost revenue, and loss of any property, if it happens as a result of buying goods.

If as a result of illegal and unsafe use of any chemical product or service of our company and inattention to the contract customer and any representatives, agents and employees impose claims to Apollosci.com that could cause us damage, court costs, expenses and damages of any kind, the customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the owners, shareholders, agents, employees, as well as the present and future suppliers.

Any negligence action, the risks and liability associated with transporting, storing, handling, improper use, toxicity, the responsibility assumed by the client and any representatives, and employees, agents and any person who came into contact with the product. The customer agrees to abide by all safety precautions when using any Apollosci.com product or services. For damaged, open or used containers of chemicals, ingredients and other products our company is not responsible for and does not return the value of the goods or services.

The customer agrees to abide by all local, state/province and Government regulations in accordance with the use of any product or service provided by Apollosci.com. All our products are not intended for human and animal consumption. Product properties are not fully understood, it is intended for carrying out research and development by qualified personnel only, so when purchasing a product you certify that you are a scientist or researcher, have special laboratory equipment and experts in the handling of hazardous materials. A new batch of product may differ slightly from the original in activity and chemical composition.

We responsibly supervise the preparation and shipment of each lot of our product but cannot be responsible for transit and customs delays. If the order cannot be shipped fully, partial dispatch is at the discretion of the Apollosci.com. If this is not acceptable for the customer, it is necessary to specify it for ordering goods. On Friday, the shipment of goods is only possible upon prior request of the customer.

Availability and price may change without prior notice. If there was an error in the product name, the price, or in the information about the product, the company reserves the right to refuse and to cancel previously made orders paid at the wrong price.

Apollosci.com is not engaged in illegal import and in the sale of any prohibited goods. If you have ordered a product that violates the laws of your country, then such a product will not be shipped and the order will be canceled. Before ordering the goods on Apollosci.com, we strongly encourage you to learn more about description and instructions of the product, and about the relevant legislation and rules of transportation and storage of such products in your country of residence.